Sun, Oct

President inaugurates the archives in ARG


President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Thursday inaugurated the archives in ARG Presidential Palace, during a ceremony which was attended by a number of senior government officials.

Speaking after the inauguration of the archives in ARG Palace, President Ghani said the delegation appointed to assess the national and Afghan film archives presented their findings, stating that necessary facilities were not available to keep the archives in a good condition.

Emphasizing on better administration of archives by professionals, President Ghani said only the researchers will have access to the video, audio, and written materials based on professional regulations of the Ministry of Information and Culture.

He said the archives have been digitalized and copies of them should be produced for the use by the researchers and must be made available in the website.

President Ghani also added that videos archive reflects the history of the country and thanked the officials for their work that led to the inauguration of the archives in ARG Palace.

He said there is another place in ARG Palace where all the historic treasures of Afghanistan are being kept and only the Central Bank and the Ministry of Information and Culture can have access and use them, emphasizing that the ARG officials have no right to interfere in this regard.

He said the traditional heritage of Afghanistan must be preserved and archived films must be put on display via National TV.

President Ghani also added that the school and university students should become aware of their history and the main reason behind the inauguration of the archive is to preserve the documents so that the experts and all Afghans can have access to the materials.