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historical-sightsA historical site in central Bamyan province had been partially reconstructed by a French organisation called Ecomus to keep the area’s historical importance intact and attract tourists, an official said on Monday.

Mohammad Shah Majroh, Head of the Afghan Film organization at the Nangarhar’s Culture & Information Directorate, with one of the film crews.


The quality and quantity of films produced in Nangarhar province is responsible for the quick development of the movie industry in eastern Afghanistan.

The hajj rituals start with millions of Muslims camping in Mina outside Makkah. Pilgrims enter into Ihram – men clad in two pieces of white cloth and women wearing normal clothes – before arriving in Mina. Around 24,000 Afghans performed the hajj this year.Performing Hajj is an obligation for every Muslim who possesses the financial and physical means to do so once in a lifetime. Those blessed with this opportunity are considered lucky.

peace-concertAmid cheerful applauses and motivational clapping, the musicians and singers from Afghanistan and some regional countries mesmerized a considerably big audience of mostly young Afghans in Kabul during a two-day “Afghanistan’s Peace Musical Festival” 2013.

Dozens of artists, young and old, gather every day at the gallery located in Herat’s old city to share their art. When Hayda Rezai was a child she dreamt of becoming a painter to capture this beautiful country and people with her art. “I use to draw on all my notebooks with coloured pens, and always wanted to be able to paint a small but very beautiful flower,” she explained.

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