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Standing nearly 10 metres tall, the Gates of Bost provide an indication of how impressive the site must have been when it was in inhabited.Afghanistan is home to a rich history and much of that history is still here for us to see. For instance, in Helmand province there is Bost Castle.

peotryFor centuries, poetry has been a means of expression and spreading one’s message in Afghanistan; and even today it is a living tradition among Afghans – old and young.

Playing a lot of security and political roles, Ibrahimkhil helps the Afghan audience understand the importance and difficulties of those jobs Abdullah Ibrahimkhil is a well-known Afghan actor, famous for his roles portraying security, political and social figures. Born in 1963 in Kabul, he graduated from Sayeed Jamaluddin high school and studied to become a military officer. But acting was his real calling.

Karzai assures equal rights to Hindu, Sikh minoritiesPresident Hamid Karzai on Tuesday directed the officials concerned to investigate problems being faced by Hindu and Sikh communities, saying the minorities had equal rights under the constitution.

Author Javid Kotwal (on the left) and publisher Mohammad Hussain Mohammadi displaying their newest offerings, each with an ISBNThe Kabul Public Library, Afghanistan’s largest and oldest, has more than 200,000 books, but none evoke more pride than its newest acquisitions.

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