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Artist-Farid-1In his words, Farid Sadid was born to be an artist, “To capture the beauty of my country, and to share it with both my countrymen and the world.” Hailing from Pul-e Khumri in Baghlan province and a painter for 18 years, he has created more than 240 artworks so far.

Mursal-Ahmadzai-1Poetry, like many other forms of fine art, is a gift from God. It requires a tender heart that can feel the pain of others; it needs an eye that could see beyond the obvious; and it needs the genius that could turn the inner most emotions into comprehendible language.


The fifth book of late Abdul Rahman Pazhwak “Khulasa-i- Fasli Az Sarguzashti Yak Afghan-i-Muhajir (a brief summary of the story of an Afghan refugee) has been published.

Afsar-a-film-by-afghansThe Afghan movie fans will love to watch Afsar Qahraman, a patriotic film by Amnawa Production and Abbasy Film Company. Its story revolves around the brave police personnel of the Afghan National Police (ANP), who put their lives at risk in order to protect ordinary Afghans.

MalalaThe Pakistani girl, Malala Yousafzai, who shares the Nobel Peace Prize with Indian child rights campaigner Kailash Satyarthi, has said the award encouraged her to continue her struggle for girls’ education.

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