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Hajj-Program-1Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam, and is obligatory for all Muslims, once in a life time, ‎who have the physical and financial means to travel to Makka, Saudi Arabia. Hence, ‎it is every Muslim’s wish to take the journey to the Kaaba – the House of God.‎

Sultan-Mahmood-shrin-1Afghanistan Cultural Heritages have suffered tremendous degree of destruction during the decades of war. The enemies of Afghanistan, when they were in power, cared little for the history of this great land.

Mulberry-1Afghanistan produces many different types of delicious fruits. Grapes, pomegranates and some varieties of berries have won fame in other countries; thus, exported across the world, providing a lucrative source of income for Afghan farmers.

Anar-Gul-Poetical-programFor centuries, poetry has been a means of expression of love and emotions for Afghans, be it for a person or for their beloved homeland – Afghanistan. Therefore, they love writing and listening to poetry.

Rabia-BalkhiNorthern Balkh province has been the birth place of thousand poets and authors of ancient Persia. One of them is Rabia Balkhi. She was the daughter of Kaab Qezdari, the king of Northern Afghanistan, including Balkh, during the 10th century.

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