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Music-and-partnershipThe Australian Embassy and the renowned Afghanistan National Institute of Music (ANIM), with Dr Ahmad Sarmast as its head, there is no surprise that a special partnership exists between the ANIM and the Australian Embassy in Kabul.

Ramadan-food-1Afghans observe the Islamic month of Ramadan with religious fervour and reverence. Adults fast from dawn to dusk as it is obligatory for all Muslims, while many children do so out of passion.

Herat-citadel-1The Herat Citadel represents the history of Afghanistan. Its thousand years old history reminds us of the past strength, and after its current renovation, it has also become a symbol of unity and the strong bond between Afghanistan and the international community.

abdul-rahman-masqueThough the government has yet to make any official announcement, religious scholars on Saturday said the minimum Sadqa-i-Fitr, cash payable by every Muslim at the end of the holy month, would be 40 afghanis this year.

al-Masdschid-al-HaramMore than 1,000 people would be taken to Saudi Arabia from northern Balkh province for the performance of Haj this year, an official said on Saturday.

young-artiest-1Kandahar’s Department of Information and Culture encouraged the young school students who have an interest in art and want to work as an artist in the future.

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