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north-polo-moonLeading astrologist Abdullah Kandahari has predicted Sunday will be the first day of the holy month of Ramadan in Afghanistan.

Kandahar-musicAfghanistan has a rich musical heritage. Located on the crossroads between many trade routes, Afghanistan’s music tradition has been influenced by Arabs, Persians, Indians, Mongolians, Chinese and many others passing through.

poetryThe traditional annual mushaira (poetry session) -- titled Helmand River -- was held in the capital of the southern province, an official said on Sunday.

Raga-e Bebi monument in the Shamarq Mountain range is a proof of the past glory of Koshan Dynasty that ruled the region over 4,000 years ago.Raga-e Bebi ruins in Baghlan province are some of the historical monuments in Afghanistan that narrate the story of the country’s glorious past. Despite the senseless destruction of some of monuments at the hands of insurgents, the remains of Raga-e Bebi still invoke the feeling of pride among the local people.

The UN International Day of Nawroz started with the traditional Afghan dance at the Presidential Palace in Kabul.This year, the highlight of the traditional Nawroz festival in Afghanistan was the ‎participation of the heads of states, governments and world dignitaries.

tombThe tomb of Prince Abdullah, one of the two historic graves that sit on the main road just south of the Musalla Complex in the western city of Herat, is being reconstructed at a cost of $400,000, an official said on Wednesday.

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