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Apiculture training to spur honey production


bees-farmsAbdul Ghani Sharaf, a resident of northern Balkh province, has switched to the beekeeping industry after nine years of owning a seeds company. 

Coming from Chamtal district, Sharaf told Pajhwok Afghan News he wanted to expand the honey business to generate more revenue from apiculture.

He started beekeeping by installing 20 boxes initially, but now the strength of the bee boxes has gone up to 60. His business is flourishing, with the population of bees growing due to rains and greenery all around.

An apiculturist needs to be mindful of the fact that producing more bees would boost honey production, the man observed. But most Beekeepers did not care about producing more bees, a matter of concern, he lamented.

“Honey is in great demand in all parts of the world. What’s important is that beekeepers should be imparted advanced training for better handling of the job,” he suggested.

People should be given training on different aspects of the business, Sharaf insisted, saying beekeeping offered work opportunities for the people of Mazar-i-Sharif to boost their economy.

He added the environment of Mazar-i-Sharif was ideal for beekeeping. It is easy to do, while offering many benefits. The business is spreading in the country, helping thousands of families resolve their financial problems.