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Rising saffron yield benefits Jawzjan women


The income of women has improved with a three-foldincrease saffron yield in northern Jawzjan provincethis year, an official said on Tuesday.

saffron-harvest Saffron corns were distributed to 200 farmers, including 125 women, in the provinces, for trial cultivation in 2013. Each grower cultivated 100 square metres of land with saffron.
Nearly 50 grams of saffron were produced by each plot in 2013.But last year, the yield rose to 120grams and to 150 grams of saffron spice in 2015, the agriculture director said.
Eng. Abdul Rashin told Pajhwok Afghan News one kilogram of saffron cost 150,000 afghanis. The total production of the 200 growers in the current year is 30 kg, accounting for 4.5 million afs.
The 200 growers were divided into 10 groups, each receiving 300 kilograms of saffron corms, whose yield jumped three folds in the past two years.
They corms had been tested in labs and farmers trained on cultivation of the high-value medicinal plant, the director said, hoping the spice would improve the economic status of women.
“I have been given all cultivation equipment and have learnt how to grow saffron,” said Hafiza, 50, a resident of Shiberghan.
She was happy with the higher income from saffron. It would have a good impact on overall income of her family, hoped the resident of the provincial capital.
Two years ago, her 100 squaresmetre of land produced 50 grams of saffron but in 2015 the yield rose to 150 grams, another female grower, Haleema said.
She earned more than 40,000 afs income from selling saffron.“I am a widow. Previously, I would work in houses to make a livelihood for my family, but now I can meet my daily needs from this income,” she said.
In order to facilitate marketing, this year a saffron growers association has been established in the province.