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Afghanistan To Harvest 4,000 kg Saffron This Year: Ministry


Officials from the ministry of agriculture and irrigation have said that Afghanistan will harvest 4,000 kg of saffron this year as farmers across the country continue to cultivate the valuable herb.

herat-suffron-product-1They said that this year saffron will be cultivated over 900 hectors of land in 24 provinces as government is taking measures to provide technical and financial cooperation to farmers.
"Based on the statistics, this year more than 4,000 kg of saffron will be harvested which shows a visible increase compared to previous years," Lutfullah Rashid, spokesman for the ministry of agriculture said.
He said that the ministry has provided training to at least 200 farmers on how to help them cultivate the herb and it has also taken more inclusive programs to expand saffron cultivation.
Meanwhile a number of experts have said that Afghan saffron maintains a prominent reputation in world markets, calling on the government to undertake inclusive measures to develop the field through effective marketing systems.
It is said that Afghanistan's climate and soil are ideal to grow saffron.
Based on statistics, Afghanistan can produce more saffron than any other saffron producing country if necessary support is provided to farmers.