Tue, Oct

Developing Afghan agriculture critical to country’s future, say Kabul leaders


Strengthening ties between agricultural business and government counterparts was the focus of a UN-backed meeting in Kabul, where community representatives and high-level officials met to discuss ways to foster growth in this critical sector of the Afghan economy.

agriculture-developmentAfghanistan’s agricultural industry has traditionally driven the country’s economy. But according recent estimates, Afghanistan currently has an export deficit, meaning more goods are brought in from abroad than are exported to neighbouring countries.

Meeting participants, including Kabul’s provincial governor, the Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock, community leaders and private-sector representatives, attended the event to deliberate about the best ways to enhance the ability of agricultural businesses to sell their goods to international markets.

The business owners, representing different districts across Kabul province, shared their views directly with government officials, and discussed ways to enhance national business and international trade, including holding trade exhibits and signing export agreements.

Head of UNAMA’s field office in the central region, Gabriela Iribarne, stressed the importance of having a strong link between government and business. “Agriculture is critical for the future of Kabul province and the country,” she said.