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Saffron Cultivation Ends Poppy Cultivation


Saffron is the best and the most effective alternative for poppy cultivation in Afghanistan.

herat suffron product 1This can be realizing only when Afghan government and international community strongly support the cultivation of this useful plant in the country.
The ministry of agriculture and irrigation says the products of saffron doubled this year in comparison to the previous year. It should mentioned that the cultivation and products of saffron not only doubled this year but also the Afghan saffron during the last three years has recognized by Brussels based International Organization for Taste and Quality as the best saffron among 300 kinds of saffron. Currently 2800 hectares of land are cultivated saffron in Afghanistan where the products reached six thousand tons while the figure was 35oo tons last year. This indicates that the weather and soil of Afghanistan is proper for saffron cultivation.
Today Afghanistan is at the top of the list of countries where poppy cultivated and with the highest number of addicted people to narcotic drugs. To end the situation, saffron cultivation is a good alternative for poppy cultivation.