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Farmers in Gereshk district have a good income from their products


Farmers in Abbazan area of Gereshk district have grown vegetables instead of poppy on their fields and everyday morning carrying their products to Gereshk Bazaar for sealing. Khiar Mohammad one of the farmers in the village said I have grown vegetables and fruits so every morning I take fresh vegetables and fruits to Gereshk Bazaar.

Greshk Farmers Income

Majority of the people in this village are working in the fields, collecting their products and some others are with the Afghan national security forces that serving the people he said.

He added that people in this village are working hard on their fields to have enough incomes. The encouragements of the local elders caused we think of the farming he stated.

Nasir Ahmad a youth of this village said our elders are always trying to encourage the people to keep them busy on their fields for improving the local’s economy.

Here are more than 3000 male and female students who are going to school for getting education and while they come back from schools, they do the house work or helping their parents on the fields he said.

He added that one of the best feeling that I have felt in this village is that while Taliban attack somewhere or they notice something suspicious, they abruptly inform the ANSF. One of the reason that this village is safe is this he added.

He stated that people in this village are very united and they cooperate with each other in any kinds of social activities.

Badsha Gul a vegetable seller in Gereshk Bazaar said most of the fresh vegetables are coming from Abbazan village and we sell it. They not only selling their products in Gereshk but also in Lashkar Gah he said.

Nargis Rokhshani a member of provincial council who is originally from Gereshk said that people of Gereshk, particularly the people of Abbazan are united and sympathetic there for they are successful in their lives.

Most of the people are farming and trying to increase their own products for improving the local’s economy she said.

There are youths that have joint the ANSF in this district and some others serve in other places she added.