Mon, Oct

Assistance by ISAF for Herat Agriculture Administration


NATO troops donated several motorcycles and office equipment to the Herat Department of Agriculture. The donations include 10 motorbikes, 15 seats 15 table stands, 15 laptops and 3 printers.

RS aid with Herat Agriculture

Herat's Agriculture Directorate says in the past, NATO forces have been cooperating in the province's agriculture sector, these include saffron processing and water separation channels.

He also commended the cooperation of the strong support forces, who emphasized that the aids would provide better facilities for farmers in the agricultural services sector.

On the other hand, the ISAF commander in the western province of Afghanistan has been aiming at helping the Herat Department of Agriculture to grow agricultural and livestock programs in the province today.

He added that since 2006, ISAF has spent 96 projects worth millions of euros in the Herat sector, which will continue to be used.

On the other hand, a number of residents of Herat appreciate the contributions of NATO forces in different sectors and emphasize the continuation of this aid.

They say that the continuation of these aids will contribute to the development and improvement of the economic situation of the people of the country.