Sun, Oct

A large fresh fruit juice factory inaugurated in Parwan


With the opening of the door of the largest fresh fruit juice factory and dried fruit processing in the country, people's hopes doors have been opened, especially residents of Parwan, Kapisa, Panjshir and districts of northern Kabul (Kohdaman). 

The Boustan-e-Sabz factory, last week activated the production of fresh fruit juice and dried fruit processing, section in country. This factory produces its products according to international standards. 

The Boustan-e-Sabz factory has a capacity of converting 10 tons of fresh fruit into juice and 5 tons processing of dried fruit per hour. The factory was built at the expense of more than $ 7 million from private company (Boustan-e-Sabz) in the Barikaab area of Bagram district of Parwan province.

 Nasir Ahmad Dorani, Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, said, "This factory is not just a company, it's a complex for Afghanistan's economic growth. Mr. Dorani added, the factory could export dried fruits and juices from fresh fruit of country, to international standards for global markets. Mr. Dorani also said, this project also has an impact on economic growth of the poeple, as 85% of the country's citizens are involved in the agricultural sector".

The creation of this factory has provides for 300 to 400 people directly, and indirectly thousands of residents find a job.   

 Mustafa Mastor, minister of economy said, “The establishment of this factory is the first step for such investments, in the country, this will be the last. Mr. Mastor added, that the existence of such factories can reduce the amount of poverty in the country and lead the business balance from negative to positive.

Residents of Parwan consider the opening of the company as a prospect of tomorrow's hope. Nasifullah of Parwan gardeners says that creating a company that buys agricultural products, will raise their economy. 

According to Nazifullah, earlier they sold their products at a low price, and sometimes even the costumer was not found, and they couldn’t keep their products. But the cool houses in the company provide the opportunity that their products will not be damaged any more.

Amanullah is another resident of Parwan, who daily sells grapes of his gardens at the side of the road. He is tired of this job. 

Amanullah says they had been waiting for such a company for years. When such a company purchases grapes, they are ready to contract with the company, which is also a good opportunity for the grow up economy of the people and government.

Muhammad Akram Faazel, the founder of the Boustan-e-Sabz factory, says "Their activities will not be summarized by this factory, but they are trying to further their activities too. 

Mr. Faazel added that "this project is not the only project of the Boustan-e-Sabz company, we have other projects that we will begin to serve our citizens in the future."

Boustan-e-Sabz Company started its activities in Afghanistan in 2007. In addition to the production of juice and packaging of dried fruits, the company has also built hundreds of acres of land for agricultural research. In addition to these services, the company also has a production capacity of 50,000 chicken in the poultry farm every two months.