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The largest saffron processing center opened in Herat province


The largest saffron processing center opened in Herat province. In addition to the processing and packaging of saffron, the center has created job opportunities for more than 700 women.  

According to officials of Herat agriculture department, the opening of this center is effective in marketing and foreign markets of saffron.

Another step was taken towards boosting the business of Herat saffron. More than 700 women under a roof are busy of cleaning and processing of the saffron in this center.

The processing center established with the support and encouragement of the Department of Agriculture, and is scheduled to be equipped with the machinery and equipment for cleaning and packaging of saffron.

The establishment of this center is effective in the process of saffron standardization and attracts market attention, said Abdulsabour Rahmani head of Herat Agriculture department.

Haji Qasem Alekozai, head of Alekozai Saffron Company says, he has invested $ 2 million on this processing center and aims at increasing the country's export of saffron.

The center has created job opportunity for hundreds of women, even there 5 people from one family who are working here; they can support their families very well. 

A number of women who work in cleaning and processing saffron in this company are pleased with their job. A number of peasants and saffron growers in Herat also believe that opening the processing center has made them facility to process and package their saffron in the best way.

According to them, saffron flowers from the districts are transferred to the processing center by special vehicles of the company.

 Herat saffron has high quality and now saffron is cultivated in 12 districts of the province. It is expected that this year, the production of saffron in the province will reach to 12 tones.