Sat, Jul

Animal brucellosis vaccination drive begins


vaccinationA vaccination campaign against the brucellosis disease in animals was launched by the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) across the country on Thursday, officials said.

On the first day of the vaccination drive, Minister of Agriculture Mohammad Asif Rahimi told reporters 2.6 million livestock would be vaccinated in all 34 provinces of the country within a month.
“The disease also spread to humans if they drink half-boiled milk or properly-cooked meat of infected animals,” he said.
The campaign would cost id="mce_marker".5 million provided by the World Bank and the Ministry of Agriculture, Rahimi said, adding they would conduct similar campaigns every year over the next six years.
He asked the people to bring their animals to clinics or mobile vaccination teams for vaccination, saying the drive would commence in all provinces on Friday.