Sun, Oct

For the first time in history, through the Lapis Lazuli land corridor, an Afghan company has begun exporting fully processed talc powder to Jordan. Prior to this achievement, there was not a facility to process the mineral and Afghanistan was exporting its total unprocessed talc stones only to neighboring countries. The Core Drillers Inc. (CDI) in Shaikh Mesri, Nangarhar has exported 76 tons of fully processed talc worth more than $20,000/1,489,000 AFG to Jordan.

Engineer Abdul Baqi Bena, Deputy Head of the Chamber of Commerce of Kandahar, says that this year, export of pomegranates and grapes has been satisfactory so far.

Today, the European Union (EU) informed government about its decision to disburse € 98 million to support Afghanistan in carrying out reforms to finalize and operationalize its development policies (ANPDF and NPPs), maintain macroeconomic stability and mobilize domestic revenue, advance sound public financial management and strengthen state budget transparency.

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