Sun, Oct

NPC signs 11 contracts worth 5 billion Afghani


Led by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the National Procurements Committee (NPC) has signed 11 contracts at the cost of 5 billion Afghanis, said a statement from his office quoted by Bakhar News Agency said the other day.

According to the agency, the contracts included projects of 60 km road construction from Cheghcheran to Gardan Diwall, construction of Aqina Port road and facilities, transfer of more than 80,000 tons of improved seeds and 20,000 tons of chemical fertilizer to 34 provinces of the country, project to support destitute families in five Kabul districts and three districts in Kandahar and other issues like consolidation of the national army and extension of timeline of Charikar canal projects as well as substation of power line for Badghis Qala-e-Naw, the agency added.
Some other projects, due to some defection have been returned for revival and 26 contracts related to the ministry of interior have also been rejected to failure to match the legal norms and resolved that to be put in bidding next time, said the agency.
The committee meeting approved in principle conditioned to the investigation of the company, the suggestion of the ministry of agriculture, irrigation and livestock on nullification of 60 tractors and 90 land cruisers, according to the agency.
The meeting was participated by the SIGAR transparency monitoring body, Wolesi Jirga’s national economic commission and other stakeholder entities, the agency concluded.