Tue, Oct

NPC approves 13 contracts worth over 14 billion Afghanis


The National Procurement Commission with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on the chair held session here on Thursday evening and reviewed the contracts and ministries’ proposals.

NPCThe session approved 13 contracts worth over 14 billion Afghani. According to the agency, the contracts include, reconstruction of 178 Km Darah-e-Suf – Yakawlang highway, asphalting of 8, 8 Km road of Qarghayee (Omerzai) to Mehtarlam Babaof Laghman province, printing of one million computerized passports, purchasing of fuel (Patrol A29 oil and qualityDiesel) for the National Directorate of Security, reconstruction project of Omaid Technical and vocational center (Phoenix camp), infrastructural improvement project of the E section of Rahman Baba township, building Khasa Paz farm of Balkh Province, asphalting of 22,24 Km of highway from Hairatan port to Kaldar district of Balkh province, asphalting of 7,8 Km road from Pul-e-Bagh Sultan to Pul-e-Kandahari of Mohammad Agha district of Logar province, purchasing of 3850 PBX telephones to ease communication among Afghan National Army generals, officers and soldiers,contract of loading of goods from Hairatan to Mazar-e-Sharif city, maintenance of Kabul – Jalalabad highway with 50 Km length and construction of Khum-e-Kalan agricultural farm in Parwan province.
The session also rejected three contracts, where three other were asked to re-submit after meeting the required legal standards.
Discussing the termination of MoD’s contracts of medicines and medical equipment, the National Procurement Commission decided to punish those companies who have neglected to prepare the required materials as well as to put them into black lists, so that not to be bale and participate in the future bids. To safeguard the country’s forests, the commission also decided that the government organs, in particular the Ministries of National Defense and Interiorshould seek the alternatives for wood, and do not use it anymore since the coming year.