Tue, Oct

MCIT Incomes Increased By 8pc This Year, Officials


The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) incomes have increased by 8 percent this year, but the people and experts complain on not addressing their problems.

 cellphoneOfficials said that that establishing transparent systems, implementation of fighting corruption plan and capacity building were the factors behind the increase in incomes and the ministry is making effort to make it more. They also added that in six first months of last year, the ministry had earned $111million, but the figure has increased by $240 million this year. Yasin Samim, the spokesperson for MCIT told media that last year, we had earned $240, but it is predicted the figure rises by $245 million. The economic experts said, ‘to transparently spend the received-incomes, a plan should be made to facilitate the social welfare in the country.’ An economic expert, Mohammad Shabir Bashiri said that there were many deficiencies in the country and the received-incomes must be spent on fundamental projects. However, 80 percent of the Afghans access communication services, but unfortunately, the communication companies don’t seriously pay heed to their customers’ problems.
 A number of mobile users told that sometimes, the communication companies cannot even solve their small problems on-time. Sulaiman Arbab, a Kabul resident said, ‘there is no doubt that the MCIT have had good achievements so far, but besides, it should control the private communication companies, because sometimes they steal the people balances.’ Fariha, another citizen told that though, there are many communication companies operating in the country, but unfortunately their services are unacceptable. One of their problems is distribution of non-registered Sim-Cards to market, an action that has created many problems to people, particularly the women, she added. ‘I hope the ministry of telecommunications and information technology to pay serious heed in this regard’, she went on to say. At the same time, the communication companies have created customer-services, but unfortunately, they sometimes even don’t answer the people calls. A number of people who are living in remote areas complain on networks’ failure, adding the networks are not working well overnight. Calling insecurity in the country, a challenge before the MCIT supervisions in suburbs, it promises that by solving this problem, it will start supervising the communication sites in remote areas.