Sat, Jul

Domestic revenue sees drastic surge: Minister Hakimi


Minister of Finance, Eklil Hakimi, participated in hearing session of Wolesi Jirga here yesterday and shared the Ministry of Finance’s progress, achievements and important program with MPs, a statement from the Ministry said, adding the minister also shared detailed information regarding Afghanistan’s economic development in the last two years, national revenue increment, Brussels and Warsaw Conferences, National programs and regional cooperation.

afghan currencyAccording to the statement, Minister of Finance pointing to the revenue increment said that the target revenue for F-Y-1395 was 132 billion Afghani, set by International Monetary Fund (IMF), but fortunately the ministry was able to collect 165 billion which is 33 billion more than the set target. Minister of Finance pointed out on signing of grant agreements worth billions of USD with different donor countries and organizations, including World Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB) , International Monetary Fund (IMF), USA, EU, Germany, France, Denmark, Japan, Canada and other countries as well as creating of joint economic commission with China, Russia, Turkmenistan, Iran, Pakistan, Azerbaijan and UAE.
Minister of finance briefed the session on information about implementation of national programs, installation of system to prevent corruption and ease of works in Customs, Treasury and Revenue Departments, bringing reforms, revenue increment, 76%  national budget expenditure, and maintenance of public property.