Mon, Jun

Minister of Finance attends the budget and financial commission of Welosi Jirga for FY 1396 budget


Eklil Hakimi, the Minister of Finance accompanied by Ghulam Nabi Farahi, State Minister for Parliamentry Affairs, attended the budget and financial commission of Lower House (Welosi Jirga) to give information regarding FY1396 national budget and hear MPs suggestions.

In this commission that a number of different commission representatives were present as well, Minister of Finance gave detailed information regarding 1396 budget preparation, notional and provincial projects implementation, budget balance, people needs in the provinces within considering priorities and Government possibilities.
Minister of Finance said: the FY 1396 budget is formulated based on the people’s priorities, current limitations and financial facilities. We will insert your comments and suggestion according to law.
F-Y- 1396 budget is to be finalized soon and would be presented to Welosi Jirga.
Minister of Finance asked MPs to approve the F-Y -1396 budget based on the law that all budget related projects implemented on time.