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MoF Revenue Officials Meets the Kabul Wedding Halls Union


Mr. Mujeeb Ur Rahman Sherzad, General Director of Revenue Department and other officials met the owner and members of wedding halls union on Monday 16 Jan 2017. They discussed upon the new plan to verify revenue from Wedding Halls, Debt Collection of Last years, Tax payment by installment, survey of Hotels and Wedding Halls in Kabul.

Mr. Mujeeb Ur Rahman Sherzad, General Director of Revenue and Ms. Amina Ahmadi, Medium Tax Payer Director made them (owners and employees) aware of their right and responsibilities.
The people in-charge of this union mentioned their problems and made their suggestions.
Based on the plan, all hotel owners are obliged to open an account either in private or non- private banks to verify the revenue. This would ease the work of Hotel Owners and Customer in one hand and prevent corruption on the other hand.
It is decided in the meeting that all Wedding Hall should use the Booking stumped and designed by the Ministry of Finance.
Furthermore, based on the above mentioned plan, from the first of Hamal 1396 no one from revenue department staff should go to wedding halls to verify revenue. They should use the new plan instead.