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Private business, and government efforts, in Helmand plays provides job opportunities


Haji Abdul Ahad, the owner of two ice factories in Gereshk district of Helmand, explained that since GIROA and the ANDSF are able to stabilize the country for investment, he is proud that his factories can employ more than one hundred workers every day which in turn, enables workers to then provide a halal livelihood for their families.

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Haji Ahad said, “As the weather is getting hot in Helmand, ice is necessary for the districts, so I have invested seven hundred thousand US dollars to establish these factories and it’s a positive employment opportunities for the people.”

The factory ice then supports the local economies and shopkeepers in Musa Qalah, Sangin, Washir, Nowzad, Nad Ali and Lashkar Gah. Haji Ahad called on his fellow businessmen to also invest in the local economy and create jobs for the people of Helmand. He said, “Private investment is just like a development project that benefits the community.”

Abdurrauf, a local person who works at the factory, said, “I am happy working here, earning halal money and providing food for my children and family. I spend my salary on the education of my children, buying those clothes, shoes, bags, books, notebooks, pens. I am proud because I know this will make them educated and I am will be proud of them. I hope the wealthy businessmen know their investment in Helmand greatly benefits many families.”

Another worker at the factory described the difficulty of employment and hopes enemies do not disrupt the honest livelihoods of the people. “Joblessness is like a disease, but when I can work and feed my family, we are all encouraged. I call on the Taliban, especially during this holy month of Ramazan, to not bring insecurity. They should join the government and earn honest money for their family as well.”

Mohammad Nasir, a driver who carries the ice to Nowzad district, said he likes to get Halal money rather than to grow poppy. “I do my own business and transport the ice; it’s a good income for me and my family. More importantly, it is not illegal income, so I feel happy about that.”

Omar Zowak, the spokesman of the provincial governor, said GIROA is working daily to encourage businessmen to invest and provide jobs for the people. “When the businessmen invest in the area, not only do they help their own business, but they help grow a local economy. Many local traders have started investing in Helmand and we are seeing steady progress. Efforts are also occurring to encourage foreign traders to purchase Helmand products.”

The government’s effort to encourage private investment in the local economy is another way they are brining development to our people. When we support the government, they can better support us.