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MoF participates at AIIB’s board of governor’s meeting


Minister of Finance of Afghanistan, Eklil Hakimi Sunday Participated at the 2nd Annual Meeting of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) Board of Governors in Jeju Island-South Korea.

Aklil Hakimi AIIB Second Meeting

All members of the AIIB attended the annual meeting. Hakimi provided to the president of AIIB, Mr. Jin Liqun, members and guests briefing on the Investments opportunities in Afghanistan. As well as Priority infrastructure projects, Funding projects, building railway, Kandahar Airport, Transit ways between Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan, establishing dry ports and sustainable energy sources, Shatoot Storage Dam in Kabul and the Shal-Shagi Dam in Kunar, the Hisar-I-Shahi Solar Park in Nangarhar and some other national important projects.