Tue, Sep

Most of Gereshk residents will have electricity in the next two years


Officials of the Gereshk Berishna (electricity department) said of the three turbines at Gereshk Dam, two of them are running which generates 1.5 megawatts of power with efforts to bring a third turbine online to provide electricity to more residents of Gereshk district in Helmand province.

Abdul Wasi, an employee at the Gereshk Dam, said, “About 2000 families have access to the power that is currently being generated from the Gereshk Dam but once the turbines are changed, more power will bring more families the electricity they need for their daily lives.”

Mr. Wasi said, “Some work currently being done with the help of international engineers, but the expectation is that in about two years, the work will be completed and more electricity will come to Gereshk residents.”

When at full capacity of the three turbines, 5 megawatts of power will be generated.

Toryalay, a shopkeeper in Gereshk, said, “We have electricity, but during the very hot weather, people need more power and the local industry and economy uses most of the power. I’m hopeful for the completion of this project so more people can have permanent access to electricity in our area.”

The Provincial Governor Spokesman Omar Zowak said the international engineers are working according to their timetables on Gereshk dam and that the ANDSF is maintaining security at the dam to enable the project to move forward.

“Security forces always work hard to maintain security for the people, the local economy, companies and organizations and once the Gereshk turbines are fixed, more companies will be able to start work in Gereshk because this district is located alongside the highway of Herat and Kandahar,” Mr Zowak said.

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