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Academic seminar on analysis of financial situation of Afghanistan has been held


The Public Relation of Ministry of Finance today 5th July 2017 Launched an Academic Seminar on Analysis of Financial Situation of Afghanistan and the achievements of this Ministry in the last two years at Mashal Private University in continuation to the academic seminars at government and private universities.

MoF Seminar

A number of staff from Ministry of Finance, male and female students up to master level, university lecturers, directors of departments and administrative staff of the mentioned university participated in this seminar.

Dr. Murtaza Mehran, academic assistance of Mashal University in the opening remark called taking this seminar beneficial to the government and people especially to the students and asked the participants to make a great use of it.

Mr. Ajmal Hameed Abdulrahizai, PR director and spokesperson of Ministry of Finance stated that we try to inform the people of activities and working process of Ministry of Finance and sat up a detailed presentation regarding National Revenue Increment in the last two years, reforms in Ministry of Finance’s Departments, successful Brussels and Warsaw Conferences, Achievements of Joint Economic  and Trade Relations with regional countries, providing facilities for Private Sectors, Mutual Commitment with the International Community, Installation of Comprehensive Electronic Systems in Income Sources, budget preparation and expenditure, facilitate in allocations  Anti-corruption, Public Private Partnership (PPP), achievements Capacity Building for Result (CBR) Program and working process of Asan Khedamat Administration, Economic Growth of the country,  enterprises status of the country and future reform plans.

 At the end, the questions were answered with details.

Leading members of Mashal University granted the PR director and Spokesperson of Ministry of Finance with an appreciation award for running this seminar.

It is worth mentioning that, PR directorate of Ministry of Finance continually runs such seminars in different government and private universities beside provincial trips to inform them the achievements and working process of Ministry of Finance.