Sat, Jul

The New president of Pashtany Bank was introduced


Mr. Abdul Aziz Babakrkhail was introduced as the new president of Pashtany Bank to its staff, on 22 July 2017.


In the introduction ceremony Mr. Mohammad Qahir Haidary, acting deputy minister of finance for administrative affairs congratulated the new post to Mr. Abdul Aziz Babakrkhail and wished him best of luck in his duties and added that he has enough experiences in banking affairs.

Acting Deputy Minister of Finance thanked the activities and hard work of the ex-president of Pashtany Bank and mentioned that he carried out the banking affairs well in a difficult situation.

Mr. Ahmad Khewraw Zia, the ex-president of Pashtany Bank said that  from the time he was appointed as president of this bank, its asset increased much more. He added that in case of need he will cooperate with the newly introduced president.

Mr. Abdul Aziz Babakrkhail, the newly appointed president of the mentioned bank thanked Ministr of Finance and Da Afghanistan Bank for their trust and promised to carry out the duties with honesty. He asked his colleague to help him in his duties.

It is worth mentioning that, Mr. Abdul Aziz Babakrkhail pursued his education to the Master Level in Norway. He has been working in different high ranking position inside and outside the country.