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Economic empower is the fruit of good security


Economic experts believe that improvement of security and economy are related factors. Improving the security environment paves the way for development projects that help to improve the economy.

NGR Abdul Rashid worker of Pashtonistan iron melting factory 2

27-year-Mohammad Tahir wakes up early in the morning with fresh mind and energetic body, after worshiping Almighty Allah and taking breakfast, he goes to Pushtonistan Iron Melting Factory where he works to earns licit food for the family.

“Since I have started work with the factory, I was saved from joblessness and became a skilled person. I feel self-confident. It is all due to improvement of security which encouraged the rich people invest for economic development in the country” he remarked.

Another worker of the factory Abdul Rashid who is father of three children stated since he got the job, he was able to provide learning opportunity for his children.

He said, “No one wants war. Everyone wants to live in peace and the country becomes developed. I want my children to become doctors, teachers or other cadres in order to serve their country.”

Manager of Pashtonistan Iron Melting Factory Hashmatullah Hashami stated the factory was founded nearly two years ago and provided working opportunity for more than hundred people. He added, “Useless iron-based items are melted here and raw iron is produced. Then we give the iron to other factories that produce thrasher machines, dishes, agricultural instruments and other items.”

ANA 201 Selab Corps’ 4th Brigade Commander Brigadier General Mohammad Naseem Sangee told Da Azadi Ghagh, ANDSF military operations

Zabiullah Zmaray Member of Provincial Council insisted that it is all mercy of Almighty Economic opportunities are improving in the country by improvement of security as a result of efforts of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces. He said, “We observe that where there is security, there is good life and development in all sectors. Our government performs development activities, create jobs, construct the welfare infrastructures and do more for prosperity. We need to support our security forces in order to expand security for the development activities. Without good security, it won’t be possible to have prospering life.”

Islamudin whose family recently returned to Afghanistan after living in a refugee camp, is happy living in his homeland and having an honorable job.

He said, “Fortunately, when we returned, I was able to find a job in my skillset. I work in a sandal making factory here. I had the same job in the refugee life. I receive better income from the job in my own country.”

He added, “It is mercy of Almighty Allah, we have a government and strong security forces. We had left the country due to insecurities. Condition is getting better so we returned back to our homeland. We need to work for public safety and tranquility in the country in line with our security forces. Inshallah, we will be able to provide more better and secure life for our next generations.”