Tue, Oct

The National Domestic Revenue Increased



The national domestic revenue collections for the first six months of FY-2017 has increased by 9.7% in comparison with the first six months of the FY-2016.

The Deputy Minister of Customs & Revenue of Ministry of Finance, Public Relation director, number of employees of this Ministry and Media has been participated in this conference.


 Mr. Ajmal Hameed Abdulrahimzai, PR director and Spokesperson of Ministry of Finance, in the opening remarks of this conference said: “We began an authentic awareness program in the center and provinces based on the mandate of Ministry of Finance leadership in the last two years”.  He added: “Despite the achievements that we have in this section, we do not content it, and we decide to share the achievements and performances of Ministry of Finance in a reliable form with people within running such conferences”.  


Dr. Najeebullah Wardak, Deputy Minister of Customs & Revenue of Ministry of Finance said: “The conference today meant to present the achievements in revenue collection for the first six months FY 2017.  The target for revenue collection is 153 billion, shows 15% increase comparing the last year”.


He added: “In the first six months of this year, 76.5 billion revenues were collected, which represents an increase of 9.7% over the past year, compared with a surplus of 69.7 billion AFN. The reasons for increasing national revenues include the implementation of comprehensive reforms in revenue sources, the installation of electronic systems, streamlining processes and recruitment, in line with the principle of meritocracy and expertise.