Tue, Oct

Commercial air flights have returned to Helmand, thanks to security provided by ANDSF


The residents of Helmand are pleased that after one-year without them, civilian flights have begun in Helmand.

Boost Airport of Helmand

One resident of Lashkar Gah city, Salim, said “we are pleased for the starting of civilian flights to Helmand.” Salim thanked the government for making this prosperity.

Abdul Kakar a resident of Lashkar Gah city, said that before due to the security problems, civil flights were closed, but now after the Afghan National Security Forces' efforts once again starting the civil air flights.

Kakar says the starting of these flights also have impacts on economic growth.

Helmand Governor Spokesman Omer Zawak discussed that this development will provide valuable services to the locals.

Zawak added that the relationship between the citizens and the government will be strengthened by the provision of these types of services to civilians.