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Completion of the first wind and solar power plant in Herat province


The first wind power and solar wind power plant in Herat province has been completed and the project is due to be opened soon. Head of the Electricity and Water Administration of Herat said for the first time, the center was created in the Herat Industrial Estate, which will produce two megawatts of electricity with three wind turbines and solar sills.

Herat Wind Power Project

He added that the center cost $ 3 to $ 5 million, which was created as a test.

A number of Herat residents welcomed the initiative of the Ministry of Energy and Water of the country and announced their support for this process.

They say there are enough natural resources in Afghanistan, and the use of these natural resources can make Afghanistan self-sufficient.

On the other hand, the spokesman for Herat governor said that at first solar energy will be used for development of the Herat industry, and in the next steps electricity services will be provided to residential houses.

He added that the project could have an impact on implementing infrastructure projects, providing jobs and increasing investment in Afghanistan.