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MoC celebrates international accountant day


The International Accountant Day was celebrated in Kabul Serena Hotel by CPA Afghanistan DG Treasury of Ministry of Finance today 25 Oct 2017. The Deputy Minister of Finance, Director General of Treasury, ACCI CEO, Government Officials and Professors and Students of Accounting have participated in the program.

MoC Celebrates Accountants Day

 Mr. Khalid Payenda, Deputy Minister of Finance in the opening remarks congratulated the international accountant day and said: “Accounting is the language of business and the trade and investment would be difficult if it is not improved.

The standard accounting eases the auditing process. CPA Afghanistan became member of SAFA education committee, currently works under General Directorate of Treasury and it would be independent in future”.

Mr. Mohammad Hussain Hazara, Acting Director General of Treasury said: “We are fully prepared for standard accounting to attract the attention of global investors.

In our offices, due to the lack of professional experts, the budget is not used at a given time; there is an urgent need for professional accountants. Considering the standards, we will make a good and transparent calculation”.

Mr. Attiqullah Nasrat, ACCI CEO said: “Accounting is an important element of trade; the economy improves when its consumption account is clear. In the private sector, there are no expert accountants that is why the sector encounters with problems. By supporting the professional accountants the problems will be solved”.

The Certified Professional Accountants established in 2009 working under the Treasury Department of Ministry of Finance.

It provides educational opportunities both inside and outside Afghanistan agreed with the regional countries in order to raise the capacity of professional accountant.