Thu, Aug

A press conference held on gov't financial and economic reforms


Ajmal Hammed Abdulrahimzai, Public Relation Director & Spokesperson of Ministry of Finance has provided information on reflection of the High Economic Council’s decision and successful assessment of Afghan Government’s financial and economic reforms by IMF through a press conference at the Government Media & Information Center (GMIC)

“The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has assessed the second review under Extend Credit Facility (ECF)  program on 8 Dec 2017 and  praised commitments and measures taken  by  the Afghan government in maintaining financial stability, economic growth, macro-economic stability , the implementation Reforms in the financial sector, fighting corruption and creating  job opportunities” said Ajmal Hameed Abdulrahimzai, PR director and spokesperson of Ministry of Finance while notifying the successful assessment of Afghan Government’s financial and economic reforms by International Monetary Fund (IMF).

 “The High Economic Council, since beginning under the leadership of H.E. the President has given required instructions on key economic issues and attracting investment in Afghanistan to the Ministries, government institutions, water and energy sectors, agriculture, industry and investment, telecommunication and technology, construction and other areas in the meetings since beginning to get to economic self-sufficiency, financial stability and national interest” said PR director of MoF during the conference while explaining the objectives,  tasks, decisions and achievements of the High Economic Council.

"The High Economic Council approved the establishment of a center for processing, trading and prevention of smuggling precious and semi-precious stones. It is decided that, in order to encourage the private sector in Minerals, the needs and fair royalty of the departments should be specified.

A committee should be determined for storing Urea, to study its quality and take required decision for selling and using it” he said about the approvals of the 16th meeting of the High Economic Council in ARG.

"With Inauguration of the second phase of the Kajaki Dam, the capacity of this section will increase from 51 to 151 MW.  The government carries out its contract according to the public-private partnership law, and its procurement process will begin” He said regarding the High Economic Council for opening the 2nd phase of Kajaki Dam.

The High Economic Council is part of the coordinating structure of the Afghan government's development strategy. It has been approved at the cabinet meeting dated 02 Sep 2015 to coordinate and decide on outline and implementation of policies and programs for economic and development reform and the regulation of the activities of internal and external investors, established based on the decree (20) of the President dated 14 April 2016 and the Ministry of Finance was responsible for the secretariat of this council.        

It is worth mentioning that, according to the Ministry of Finance’s plan in giving authentic information to the people, the key decisions of the High Economic Council will be shared with people and media through a weekly press conference at GMIC.