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Chicken donation for disabled families


Backyard poultry production has always been a major contributor to family nutrition in Afghanistan that enhance families through small-scale earn income to feed the family. Among hundreds of families which received hen donation in Kunduz, one is Nooria.

She is 48 year old, local residence of Alyabad district of Kunduz who lost her son and husband due to the Taliban cruelty and said with humble voice that god ruin life of Taliban and their bosses who they ruined her life.

“Taliban came at night and after knocking to our door, they killed my son and husband accusing them with baseless blames” said Nooria with tearful eyes. “I begged them not to kill them, but those inhuman didn’t listen to me. They killed my innocent son and husband. We faced so many problems and totally lost our hope until Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, under positive leadership of local government assisted us with hens. Now things are getting better. Many thanks to related department and donation organization”.

Nooria is not the only family which has sorrowful tells to share about Taliban cruelty, but Bibi Najiba is another mother who lost her cattle, money and property due to the Taliban. Now she is so pleased to be among needed families that local government donate them to.

“Taliban militants came and forced us out of house ordered us not to take anything from our house,” said Najiba. “We went out of house with nothing. They nest, sleep and fight with government using our house. They killed our cattle and eat them until they were out of our house. They planted IEDs inside the house, but thanks to ANDSF who defused them and now we can live in it.”

Recently the Kunduz Agriculture Department with the help and support of some donnor organizations launched poultry program for disabled families with the aim to provide job opportunity and easy way of income for those families.

Habibullah Ehsas member of Kunduz agriculture department praised the national and international efforts for launching such a useful project and stated that the team survey dozens of women to get a clear picture of their needs and demands.

“The team concludes the result of survey with poultry donation,” said Habibullah.” Disable families won’t receive only dozens of chickens free of charge, but in addition they receive technical knowledge, vaccines, health service, quality feeds and other tools that overall enable them to get rid off contagious diseases that affect the good income for normal life continuation.”

Sofai Shah Hussain, 61 year old along with Nooria and Najiba are so delightful to be members of the team and they proclaim that local government should expand poultry project in urban areas with the aim to provide chances for disabled families to earn legal income.