Fri, Oct

Agriculture officials: This year, 100 tons of honey will be produced in Herat


Officials at the Agriculture Department in Herat Province say, 70 tons of honey has been produced in the last year and they expect to obtain 100 tons in the current year.

Beekeeping industry started ten years ago in Herat, the industry is developing and the production is increasing every by year.

Mohammad Mirwais Sadat, Head of insects in Herat agriculture and livestock department said in a statement.

He added honey production is expected to boost to 100 tons this year.

Some honey vendors in Herat say that due to its nutritional value, honey has special buyers and the buyers are increasing.

At the same time, Vendors complain about the supply of counterfeit honey to the market.

Beekeeping has developed from the city to 12 districts of Herat and hundreds of people are engaged in beekeeping business.

Officials at the Agriculture Department in Herat Province say, they also developed the Beekeeping industry to other three western provinces of Farah, Ghor and Badghis.

They distributed honey hives to producer and train 30 people from these provinces every year for growing the industry.

Beekeeping is from high- incoming industries and the industry is growing in Herat.