Sun, Sep

Kandahar- Fresh Fruit Export Booms


Engineer Abdul Baqi Bena, Deputy Head of the Chamber of Commerce of Kandahar, says that this year, export of pomegranates and grapes has been satisfactory so far.

Mr. Abdul Baqi says besides neighboring countries, international markets have also received their export. He says, 16415 tons of grapes, registered with Chamber of Commerce, have been exported so far.

Additionally, engineer Abdul Baqi Bena, Deputy Head of the Chamber of Commerce of Kandahar, says that along grapes, pomegranates have also boomed and goes on saying that 186057 tons of pomegranates have been exported so far and this series is yet to continue.

Mr. Bena in reply to a question posed says that Kandahar businessmen have secured over 7 million USD for grapes and pomegranates alone.

Jumah Gul, one of fresh fruits businessmen in the Kandahar fresh fruit market, has built a cold storage for himself as well as for other fellow businessmen. the cold storage costs 50000USD.

For businessmen to be able to supply the market with fresh fruit, the cold storage houses thousands of tons of fresh fruit for them. Mr. Juma Gul is quite happy and satisfied with his business and fresh fruit export.

Zainullah, another businessman in the market, is also very happy with his business. He says he exports over 1000 crates to Pakistan a day.

Now that his business has grown very well, Mr. Zainullah is hopeful for brighter future and expects more profit through his business.

A number of residents of Kandahar also say that their living conditions have improved through the export of fresh fruits, namely pomegranates and grapes and wish this process continues.

People are of the opinion that if the prevailing economic climate persists, they will secure more profit, and will easily be able to make ends meet.

Kandahar pomegranates and grapes are of international repute and are exported to different markets every year.

Agriculture experts believe that if Kandahar businessmen are to be afforded more facilities, Kandahar fresh fruit trade will rapidly further flourish.