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The first wind power and solar wind power plant in Herat province has been completed and the project is due to be opened soon. Head of the Electricity and Water Administration of Herat said for the first time, the center was created in the Herat Industrial Estate, which will produce two megawatts of electricity with three wind turbines and solar sills.

Herat Wind Power Project


The national domestic revenue collections for the first six months of FY-2017 has increased by 9.7% in comparison with the first six months of the FY-2016.

Economic experts believe that improvement of security and economy are related factors. Improving the security environment paves the way for development projects that help to improve the economy.

The Public Relation of Ministry of Finance today 5th July 2017 Launched an Academic Seminar on Analysis of Financial Situation of Afghanistan and the achievements of this Ministry in the last two years at Mashal Private University in continuation to the academic seminars at government and private universities.

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