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The national domestic revenue collections for the first six months of FY-2017 has increased by 9.7% in comparison with the first six months of the FY-2016.

Economic experts believe that improvement of security and economy are related factors. Improving the security environment paves the way for development projects that help to improve the economy.

Officials of the Gereshk Berishna (electricity department) said of the three turbines at Gereshk Dam, two of them are running which generates 1.5 megawatts of power with efforts to bring a third turbine online to provide electricity to more residents of Gereshk district in Helmand province.

The first-ever Afghan-India air corridor flight began Monday in the presence of President Ashraf Ghani and Indian Ambassador to Kabul, Manpreet Vohra, from Kabul to New Delhi, carrying 60 tons of goods.

First Afghan India Aerial Corrider Flight

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