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Thirst for learning


Thirst-for-learning-1The awareness about the importance of education has increased the enthusiasm for learning across the nation. Recently, more than fifteen hundred graduates of 12th grade from Nangarhar, Kunar, Laghman and Nuristan provinces attended the entrance exam for the Institute of Health Science (IHS) in Jalalabad.

According to officials, 600 male and female students, based on their exam score, will be granted admission to the institute.
The head of Nangarhar’s Public Health Department, Dr Najibullah Kamawal, said that successful candidates will be able to study in the five faculties of the institute.
“In the past, the Institute of Health Science was providing opportunities for 12th grade graduates in nursing and midwifery only, but this year graduates are provided the opportunity to also study physiotherapy, pathology and pharmacy. The expansion of access to learning in health sciences is a great achievement, so this year we can accept 420 more students in comparison to the past years,” said Dr Kamawal
The deputy governor of Nangarhar, Mohammad Hanif Gardiwal, was pleased to see hundreds of young Afghan opting for professional trainings.
“Our main goal is to increase learning opportunities in the community, besides improving the quality of education. The participation of such a large number of graduates proves that families want their girls and boys to have a bright future, to which education is the key,” said Gardiwal. He also emphasised the need for qualified workers in the health sector.
The head of the commission administering the test, Abdul Satar Jabarzai, assured that the process of grading papers will be conducted transparently. He said, “Only those participants who get high marks will find their way into this learning opportunity.” Thrist-for-learning-2
Gul Bahar, a father who escorted his daughter from Khewa district to the exam, was very proud of his daughter. “It is my great wish that my daughter finds her way into higher education in the health sector. I want her to serve those women who need health care.”
Shaima, a graduate from Behsud District High School, saw this exam as a valuable opportunity for her future.
She remarked, “It is a great positive change in our country that a lot of girls are now able to get education and pursue their dream. I praise the international community and the government for working hard to build this foundation for our future.”
She added that an increase in the number of midwives and female nurses would especially help improve the health of females and decrease mother and child mortality in Afghanistan.
Rahmatullah, a resident of Mehtarlam, Laghman, is optimistic about the chance of receiving higher education. He wants to study physiotherapy so he could help people with disabilities.