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“Society must be more accessible for visually impaired persons”


SCAWhite Cane Safety Day was celebrated in Taloqan by Swedish Committee for Afghanistan and Human Rights Commission At the celebration, the government was asked to make the society accessible for visually impaired persons.

“White cane helps visually impaired persons to be fully mobile and move safely. Visual impairment is one of seven disabilities that SCA cures,” stated, Sayed Akram Akrami, Rehabilitation of Afghans with Disabilities Project Manager in Taloqan.“We offer primary services for Persons with Disabilities to enable them solving their problems individually. I am thankful to Human Rights Commission for their hard work and cooperation in identifying persons with disabilities in suburban areas”, he added.Also the representative of Department of Labor Social Affairs Martyr and Disables, Mr. Najeebullah Shakeeb  described his concerns and said that reports have shown that the majority of visually impaired in the country are victims of civil war, so making the society a safe place for those who use white canes requires strong cooperation of government.In this ceremony, Disabled Persons Organization of Takhar asked government to develop and implement strategies in order to make the society accessible for visually impaired persons.Each year on the 15th of October, the White Cane Safety Day is celebrated around the world. The White Cane is the universal symbol of access to the world for visually impaired people. When blind or low vision individuals travel through their environment with a white cane and are trained in its proper use, they can be mobile in society.  Visually impaired persons around the world have used white canes since the 1930s.Corresponding celebrations were also carried out in Mazar, by two SCA’s partners; Afghanistan Association of the Blinds and Hearing Impaired Association, which was followed by entertaining activities and was also broadcasted on national TV channels.