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6 Afghan army cadets arrives in Pakistan for training


afghan-cadites-left-for-pakistanSix Afghan National Army (ANA) cadets arrived in Islamabad to receive training at the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA), the Afghanistan ambassador to Pakistan twitted.

Janan Mosazai confirmed that the six ANA cadets had arrived in Islamabad late Thursday evening. The six cadets would get military training at the PMA in Abbottabad.

Earlier, Pakistani Army Chief Gen. Raheel Sharif had offered training to Afghan cadets following his visit to Kabul late last year. The Afghan cadets are scheduled to take part in one-and-a-half month course at the academy.

It merits mention that it would be the first group of Afghan Army cadets to attend a course at the PMA. Mosazai received the cadets at the Afghan embassy in Islamabad and noted that the move demonstrated growth in Afghanistan and Pakistan ties.

“These six young cadets, selected from among the best in ANA. They represent the steady and solid quantitative as well as qualitative growth and development of Afghanistan’s national security and defence forces over the past decade,” he noted.

In addition, the arrival of the Afghan cadets coincided with a six-day visit to Pakistan by a five-member Afghan military delegation led by Afghan National Army Director General of Training, Education and Doctrine, Maj. Gen. Nematullah Khushiwal.

“The induction of these young Afghan cadets at the Pakistan Military Academy is an important step in both countries’ efforts to strengthen, broaden and deepen security and military relations, and cooperation in all areas,” the Afghan ambassador said.

Former President Hamid Karzai had long opposed Afghan forces training in Pakistan despite Pakistan’s repeated requests.