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Selection of candidates for midwifery and nursing education in Samangan


selection-for-medwivarySwedish Committee for Afghanistan has finalized the selection process of candidates for the upcoming training of the Community Health Nursing Education (CHNE) and Community Midwifery Education (CME) in the northern Samangan province.

A number of 24 females will be educated in the two years training as CME midwives and 24 others as CHNE nurses, in order to cover the lack of female health staff in different districts and villages of the province.

“Upon our assessment, we have planned to train 21 females in the CME and CHNE. 161 females appeared in the written test, in which 74 were shortlisted for the interview and among them 24 each are selected for the midwifery and nursing education,” says Dr. Sharif Anwari, deputy project manager of SCA Health project in Aybak field office.

He informed that the selection and shortlisting process was supervised by the representatives of SCA, provincial council, directorate of health, education, women affairs and EPI (Expended Program Immunization. The classes are expected to start in mid of March.

Back in 2010 -2012 and 2012-2014 SCA trained 39 midwives in the community midwifery education. All these midwives have been employed by the Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS) implementer. The third batch of CME and CHNE will be graduated in 2017, Says Dr. Anwari.

Before the establishment of CME and CHNE schools in Samangan, people were dependent on health staff from neighboring Tajikistan country. Due to the lack of female health staff 16 female health staff from Tajikistan were hired, but now we have trained a sufficient number of females as midwives, while 24 others will be trained in next two years, says Dr. Anwari.

SCA has established separate schools with five teachers each for the CME and CHNE along with two coordinators and a teachers for the English and computer studies. Both schools are located in the Aybak city. Those who are enrolled for the nursing and midwifery education also receives pocket money for their transportation along with the necessary facilities including nursery for their children. Upon graduation, the graduated nurses and midwives have to work in their respective villages and districts for five years-a criteria set by the ministry of public health.

In 2014, the CME schools in Samangan and Maidan Wardak were accredited by the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) with high scores. The SCA Samangan CME school was rated second in the accreditation list.

Besides the midwifery and nursing education, SCA is running school health and learning for healthy life projects in Samangan. “SCA had established 40 courses of learning of healthy life in 2010, while in 2011, the number of these courses were 30, similarly in 2012 and 2014, total 60 courses, each 30 courses, were established in different villages. While the school health projects have been completed in four schools of Dara-e-Souf Payeen and Khuram wa Sar Bagh districts. In 2014 the project was extended and will continue till the end of 2016,” Says Dr. Anwari.

According to him more than seven thousand students are benefiting the school health project