Sun, Aug

Thirsty for education


rural-schoolKaldar is a remote district of Balkh province, yet its distance from the urban centres of the country does not affect the eagerness of girls and boys, who attend school in pursuit of an education.

Like other rural districts, the villagers, teachers and government officials have prioritized education knowing it is a key to strengthening the nation and a refusal towards insurgent intimidation.

Habibullah, the head of High Schools, and a member of the Education Department in Kaldar district said, “Schools for boys and girls remain open through the government's efforts. Also, as a community we are standing together against any attempt by the insurgents to prevent our children from accessing an education.”

According to Abdul Aziz Azizi, head of the Balkh Education Department, more than 600 schools are providing education to students across the province. “While the remote areas still require more resources, our schools are full of students all thirsty to learn and who will shape our nation’s future. We stand united with the community leaders to ensure that education to our boys and girls is never disrupted,” he explained.