Thu, Aug

President Ghani: Current Curriculum Is Not Responsive


ghani-seek-educated-afghans-return President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani chaired the meeting of the Council for Human Capital Development this afternoon in ARG.

In this meeting, members of the High Council of Human Resources presented their ideas and suggestions on job creation, capacity development, improving  quality of education as well as increasing admissions at educational institutes and universities in the country in the short and long-terms.

After listening to their views and ideas, President Ghani stated that generating employment and developing capacity of human resources are not only necessary but also crucial for future of Afghanistan.
The President said that creating a system of issuing certificates based on international standards is a basic necessity that can help increase employment opportunities for Afghan workers. He underscored the need for putting in place such system as it will not only fulfill the demand for qualified professional workers domestically but will also enable the government of Afghanistan to send certified professional workers abroad.

The President also spoke about identification of working capacity and addressing overlapping functions of the Ministries. He said that in the months ahead the government will focus on the working priorities of the Ministries so that all government institutions operate based on state programs and people’s needs. He noted that creating this mechanism can strengthen capacity and service delivery.
The President also underscored the need for comprehensive discussions on improving the educational curriculum. He said that the curriculum of schools including vocational and higher education institutes as well as universities  is not responsive to market needs and will therefore be reviewed.
In attendance at the meeting were Ministers of Public Health, Education, Higher Education, Labor and Social Affairs, Economy as well as Director General of Central Statistics Organization and  Mr. Humayun Qayoumi, the President’s Senior Advisor in infrastructural affairs.