Tue, Sep

Book and Film Club Launched In Kabul


To promote the culture of reading books, writers and cultural figures on Thursday launched a Book and Film Club in Kabul.The founders of the center said the aim is to promote the culture of reading and to help the new generation enhance their knowledge through books.


They underlined the significance of reading books and said that the youth should be encouraged to read.A culture of reading books will also help in the development of society as well as bring about peace, the center organizers said.The center was established by local Roya Film company and it will help people get access to all new books, published in Afghanistan."An increase in book centers, book readers, research centers and cultural institutions can lead to a better Afghanistan and a better future," said Yasin Negah, a writer.Writers and cultural figures, who attended the ceremony, said that such centers will help give the youth a vision to deal with issues wisely, as the country copes with waves of violence and instability."This book center will create a good opportunity for book lovers and those who want to have discussions about cultural issues. This is a good place for people to get together and listen to each other's views and work on new plans," said Mohammad Agha Zaki, a writer."It is a great work. Those who have come here are not a handful of people. Hundreds of women and hundreds of youth have come from different parts to discuss it. However, I hope that these people will lead the way for us to go towards the culture of book reading," said Baqi Samandar, a civil society activist."This is a cultural move to promote the culture of book reading," said Roya Sadat, a film maker.With the development of modern communication technology, the culture of reading traditional books has diminished around the globe as most people prefer to use internet and other sources for quick searches instead of flipping through the pages of books.