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Computer Savvy Heraties


The graduation of 90 more students from the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) course showed the continued rise in the use of modern technology in Herat. The Department of Communication and Information Technology (DCIT) in Herat provides the six-month program free of charge to meet the residents' rising demand.

Modern-educationSayed Noor Ahmad Shah Halawy, the Director of the DCIT in Herat, is adamant that the interest in learning modern technology is part of the socio-economic progress that more Afghans are embracing.

"The DCIT facilitates ICT courses to suit everyone's needs. Classes offered for beginners to advanced level users are conducted by professional trainers," Mr. Halawy told Sada e Azadi.

The ICT centre, funded by the DCIT, runs separate classrooms available for female students.

According to Mr. Halawy, the number of women students is also increasing. "There were 17 females amongst the recent 90 graduates," he said.

The courses are designed to improve the participants' employability as businesses and government departments are adapting to the use of modern technology more than ever.

"Most of our previous graduates are already working as Information Technology (IT) specialists in Herat and the neighbouring province," said Mr. Halawy.

Shahzad Rostam, one of the graduates who wanted to expand his IT knowledge despite having a degree in Law and Political Science said, "I benefited from the free IT courses and now have more job prospects."