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Modernising Afghanistan's education system is part of the socio-economic development the international community continues to support.

education-in-AfghanistnaThree of Kabul’s high schools will be upgraded to the world-class education standards through a project funded by the government of the Federal Republic of Germany. The comprehensive program will be implemented at Amani High School for boys and Jamhoriat and Aisha-e Durani High Schools for girls.

In a ceremony last month, the German Ambassador to Afghanistan, Mr. Markus Potzel announced a ten-million US dollar donation to the project that will be coordinated by the Afghan Ministry of Education (MOE) in conjunction with the Better Education for Afghanistan Organization (BEFAO).

“With this donation, we showed our commitment to bring changes in the level of education for Afghan students and capacity building for their teachers. The experience from the project in these three schools in Kabul will be used in the schools of other provinces in the future,” the German Ambassador said in his statement in the ceremony.

Present at the ceremony, Rahi Formuli, the Deputy Minister of Education explained the National Unity Government’s (NUG) commitment to improv ing the standards of services. “With the support of our good friends like the government of Germany, we can achieve our goals to deliver better services,” said the Deputy Minister.

Afghans have come a long way from the dark days under the Taliban regime when education was diminished to its lowest and women were banned from attending school. Now, the world-class program in the three high schools will provide the Afghan students an opportunity to study at a higher level.

“This is a significant step towards a better education in Afghanistan,” Mujib Mehrdad Spokesperson for the MOE told Sada e Azadi magazine. “The much-needed upgrade includes curriculum, teaching methodology and access to modern educational facilities," he continued. "National and international teachers will teach students, and the local teaching staff will be trained by German experts.

The Chairman of BEFAO, Doctor Dadfar Rangeen Spanta called the program a timely boost to the education system in Afghanistan and said, " Introducing an overall change required a big budget and big efforts, and we aim that our schools' diplomas will be recognisable in the world."