Sat, Aug

Nangarhar Public Library’s Foundation Stone Laid


bookshelftFoundation stone of new building for public library in Nangarhar laid down the other day.

 The library will be constructed with today’s standards and total cost of 18 million AFG funded by Ministry of Information and Culture and will be completed in two years.
 Laying the foundation stone of the library, Deputy Minister of Finance and Tourism for Information and Culture Zardasht Shams said the ministry would also equip the library with books besides construction of the building.
 It is determined that the library will be equipped with thousands of various books.
 Deputy Minister of Information and Culture says; they are trying to institutionalize the culture of book reading in Afghanistan; therefore, they are taking steps towards opening libraries and equipping them .
 Governor of Nangarhar Salim Kunduzi by praising MoIC for its step towards construction of the library said the dreams of the people of Nangarhar in particular youth, cultural figures, university and school students would come true by construction and completion of the library in the province.
 According to another report, Deputy Minister of Information and Culture also paid a visit to Surajul Emara palace. During his visit to the palace, deputy Minister of Information and Culture expressed preparation of his ministry for renovation of the historic palace, which has been partially destroyed due to war.
 Meanwhile, during his visit to mausoleum of the country’s top poet Malang Jan, Deputy Minister of Information and Culture Zardasht Shams said that the mausoleum would be soon reconstructed by MoIC.